Franciscan Connection is Hiring

Job description of Part-time Staff Position

Job Title:         Assistant Office Manager

Job Summary: 
Provide assistance to the organization, to meet and greet people in person or telephone.  To convey compassion as you listen to people share their story/issues.  To assist with the development and growth of the Franciscan Connection.

High school diploma or GED
Bilingual-Spanish (preferred)

Administrative support tasks: develop and maintain an effective current database of clients; assist with mailings; organize office space; assist with duties as assigned.

Client engagement: assist the office personnel with the outreach, connection and follow up communication with clients (in-person, phone, virtually); work collaboratively with other office volunteers on specific project-based initiatives., e.g., assist with social media projects.

Mission commitment: serve as ambassador of Franciscan Connection; know and communicate effectively the mission and work of the organization; collaborate with organization’s partners to further the mission of the organization. 

Professional competencies: 
Strong communication and listening skills.
Strong organizational skills (e.g., project oriented, self-starter).
Current office technology skills (e.g., Microsoft Office).
Strong people skills: collaborative, rapport building skills, flexible.
Strong intercultural skills e.g., ability to communicate and work effectively across different cultural lines.
Social media skills (e.g., Facebook, Tweeter, etc.,).

Working hours:
Ten to fifteen hours a week  (Office Hours for the Franciscan Connection are 8:30 am to 4 pm.)

Reports to:  Co-directors of the Franciscan Connection

References:  expected upon interview